VeriSoft® Patient Plan Verification Software

The answer is just a few mouse clicks away.

Explore some of the major highlights of VeriSoft® for OCTAVIUS 4D:

Composite or Control Point Analysis

Load the complete plan for dose comparison or select  gantry angle segments ("Control Points") to analyze details.

Slice-by-Slice Analysis

Extract sets of transverse, sagittal and coronal planes
with different offset parameters for comparison with the corresponding planes of the treatment planning system (TPS).

3D Gamma Index Analysis

Select the Gamma Index analysis method most appropriate for your analysis needs. A 3D Gamma Index analysis may reduce the number of failed points in high dose gradients as it uses all three spatial dimensions for data comparison.

3D Volume Analysis

Gain more confidence in the accuracy of your results. The unique 3D volume analysis compares the dose measured inside the entire volume, using multiple parameters and automatically calculating all slices of the dose cube.

Patient CT Overlay

Failed points, measured isodoses, contours of the CTV, PTV and organs at risk can be superimposed on the patient's CT image to support you in your evaluation of the accuracy of dose delivery (estimate only).


Use the optional DVH 4D for VeriSoft analysis tool to calculate patient dose-volume histograms (DVHs) for selected structures in less than a few minutes and compare them with the DVHs calculated by the treatment planning system (TPS). Unlike other systems, DVH 4D performs its calculations independently from the TPS, entirely based on OCTAVIUS 4D measurement data and the patient's anatomy, using density values from the patient's CT scan.

Single Software Interface

Using more than one PTW dosimetry software? VeriSoft comes complete with the new NAVIGATOR user interface for simple navigation and quick access to all PTW dosimetry applications.

VeriSoft® Patient Plan Verification Software

Standard and advanced tools for dose comparison and evaluation:
  • Profile and dose distribution overlays
  • Dose-difference distributions
  • Results summary with "traffic light indicator"
  • Gamma histograms
  • 2D/3D Gamma Index analysis
  • 3D volume analysis
  • Patient CT overlay
  • Independent, patient-based DVH calculation
Efficient QA data management
with Track-it

Learn how Track-it works.

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