Well-Type Chamber for AL Source Calibration

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Well-type ionization chamber for afterloading source strength measurements

  • Vented sensitive volume of 200 cm3
  • Makes it possible to measure the source strength of afterloading sources according to AAPM TG-56
  • Accommodates suitable applicator adapters for commercial afterloading brachytherapy systems

According to AAPM TG-56, the well-type chamber is required for the source strength measurement of radioactive afterloading sources. The recommended calibration factor is the air kerma strength (cGy m2 h-1). The PTW calibration certificate also includes factors for apparent activity (GBq or Ci) and exposure strength (R m2 h-1). Suitable applicator adapters and calibrations are available for the commercial standard afterloading systems. The calibration of the well-type chamber is traceable to NIST, USA and PTB, Germany. For measurements, the chamber is connected to a sensitive PTW electrometer (UNIDOS, UNIDOSwebline, UNIDOS E, MULTIDOS, TANDEM), which has a reading in pA, a wide dynamic range and an interval time function. The well-type chamber is suitable for the calibration of high dose rate (HDR) and pulsed dose rate (PDR) sources such as 192Ir and 60Co. Calibrations for low dose rate sources (LDR) such as 137Cs are available upon request. The chamber can be supplied with BNT, TNC or M connectors.