X-Check® DSA Test Object

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernX-Check DSA Test Object

X-ray test object for quality control of DSA installations

  • Suitable for acceptance and constancy tests of DSA installations
  • Complies with IEC 61223-3-3, DIN 6868 and DIN 6868-150
  • Simulates the contrast agent within vessels
  • Includes pneumatic remote control of the movable slider, extension 8m

X-Check DSA is a test object for quality checks of DSA equipment
(Digital Subtraction Angiography).
The size of the acrylic phantom is 150 mm x 150 mm x 57 mm. X-Check DSA includes a 6 mm thick acrylic slider with manual remote-control and contains four Al strips for vessel simulation to check dynamic range and artifacts. Sensitivity checks are conducted by means of a copper step wedge with 7 steps in 0.2 mm increments. An additional copper step of 1.4 to 0.2 mm makes it possible to evaluate logarithmic errors.

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