BEAMSCAN: A time-saver for Halcyon users

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Freiburg (Germany), Hillcrest and Waterfall City (South Africa), May 2018

When BUSAMED Hillcrest Private Hospital Group installed Varian's Halcyon system at its new oncology centre at Hillcrest, South Africa, and chose BEAMSCAN for commissioning, two next-generation technologies were brought together - a cancer treatment machine that simplifies and enhances every aspect of image-guided volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy (VMAT) and a wireless, automated water phantom that cuts commissioning time in half.  

BUSAMED's Halcyon was the first Halcyon system to be installed in South Africa and the first Halcyon to be successfully commissioned with BEAMSCAN, PTW's new water phantom. It arrived at BUSAMED Hillcrest on 21 January 2018 and was ready for patient treatment within four weeks after installation.  

Besides the many advantages that the BEAMSCAN system offers, the fully automated setup and in particular its auto leveling function was key to BUSAMED to choose BEAMSCAN for commissioning. "When we commissioned the Halcyon at BUSAMED Hillcrest Oncology Centre, this was a rather demanding task for us as the treatment machine was new to us and we did not know what would work and what would not. We decided to go with PTW equipment as the history with the company gave us comfort in knowing the equipment was both reliable and accurate.", says Jonathan Haynes, Consulting Medical Physicist of Yenzakahle Consulting who was charged with the commissioning of the Halcyon cancer treatment system at BUSAMED. "Our experience with the new BEAMSCAN and the Halcyon was flawless. The Auto Level function is a massive time saver with Halcyon. All initial scanning was completed with ease, and the results spoke for themselves. From setup to results the BEAMSCAN system performed well. We are very happy with our decision and would make the same decision if faced with a similar situation."  

As one of South Africa's leading private hospital groups, BUSAMED provides high-quality general and specialist medical services to the local community. The new BUSAMED Hillcrest Oncology Centre, which officially opened its doors on March 2, 2018, is a joint partnership with Hopelands Cancer Centre, reaching out to cancer patients in the region and sub-Saharan Africa.    

The Halcyon was delivered by VARIAN Medical Systems Africa (Pty) established in Johannesburg in 2017 to better serve the growing cancer population in the region. Says Celestin Mbongo, Area Sales Manager: "I am delighted that this new treatment technology has now become available to cancer patients in South Africa, and I was impressed how fast and easy it was to commission the new Halcyon with BEAMSCAN. Choosing a tool like BEAMSCAN for commissioning that combines precision, speed and ease of use can make a huge difference to users."  

The Halcyon was commissioned using BEAMSCAN along with the new BEAMSCAN Halcyon Upgrade Kit, a smart accessory package which adapts the BEAMSCAN perfectly for use with the Halcyon. It will be commercially available starting
August 2018.


Ute Wüstefeld
Marketing Manager PTW-Freiburg, Germany
Phone: +49 761 49055-591


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