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PTW designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high quality dosimetry and quality control equipment mainly for use in the medical field, especially in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

Design and production of mechanical, electronic and software components are all done in house. We operate a well-equipped and modern workshop with 10 CNC machines. Our products, especially the PTW ionization chambers and electrometers, are well known throughout the world and are recognized for their workmanship and high level of quality.

PTW is the market leader in its major product lines.
The PTW distribution is organized internationally. A number of exclusive PTW representations are established in many countries around the world.

PTW-Freiburg operates Germany's first Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory for radiation quantities accredited by the DAkkS, under direct supervision of the National Laboratory. It is also a member of the international SSDL network, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA.

We perform radiological calibrations for dosemeters used in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and health physics, which are directly traceable to the primary standard. Our calibration lab provides a complete range of radiological calibrations from low X-ray energies up to 60Co and from low to high dose rates and is one of the busiest calibration labs worldwide.

We cooperate closely with official public agencies worldwide, and we participate actively in national and international work groups for the standardization of devices and procedures for dose measurement and quality control in medical radiology.

Knowing what responsibility means.

More than 90 years of product and service excellence in dosimetry - from the first dosemeter in 1922 to the largest range of high-tech solutions for any dosimetry need. That is what PTW stands for.

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